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Have a website custom-built for you for as little as $250!  Graphics, logo design, email and web space setup, and marketing are available.
$7.95 per month
     200 mb web space
     3.2 gb data transfer
     10 email addresses
Priced at $10/ can't beat this deal.  Perfect for those that use free email services like hotmail or yahoo.


Web Hosting

Radioman Internet Services can provide your web-presence for $7.95 per month.  This includes 200 megabytes web space, 3.2 gigabytes of data transfer and 10 email addresses.  The  Cobalt RaQ servers which host your site can offer FrontPage extensions and CGI access.  Email auto responder, email forwarding, mailing lists, web usage reports and file backup utility are part of the package.  Please note:  no MP3 mirrors, pornographic sites or bandwidth/cpu-abusive sites permitted.  FTP service allows you to upload your web pages to the server.


Dial-Up Service

Unlimited access to the internet in California, Nevada, Phoenix and Tucson for $10/month.  Why pay more for other dial-up providers, especially if you use a free email account with hotmail, yahoo or someone else?  Let your computer dial-in and get you hooked in.  The numbers are local, so you will not have toll charges as long as the number is within your local calling area plan.
Also, national access phone numbers are available for the frequent flyer, 200 minutes at $10/month.  Or unlimited number of minutes for $15/month.  Dial-in from wherever you are in the United States.


Web Design

You want a web site but have no idea where to start?  Let us do it for you.  A simple, one-page design can be created for you for as little as $250.  This includes a banner graphic and any photos or graphics.  We'll walk you through the process and set you up with our web hosting for $7.95 a month.  If you your webpage information stays the same, there will be nothing else to do.  If the information needs occasional updates, then ask about our maintenance plans, customized to your needs.

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