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for removing your radio, CD changer, or amplifier

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BMW 6 DISC CD Changers

This changer is attached in the trunk by two screws above the unit. Once unscrewed, the changer slides forward off of the mounting bracket.  There is a connector on the black wire about 10 inches from the unit that unplugs, and another wire that unplugs.
When this changer is mounted in a vertical position, usually on the left side of the trunk, you may not be able to get to the screws that attach the changer to the mounting bracket.  In this case, you can remove the 3 bolts on the changer's metal bracket from the body of the trunk and remove the changer with the bracket attached.

BMW Stereo Radio

The radio is removed by opening the two small hinged flaps and loosening/unscrewing the security screws with a pent allen key or a hex if you are careful not to damage the brass.

BMW Amplifier

The amp is in the trunk on the left side under the trunk liner.

Alpine radios in BMW 90's models 

First, pull off the volume control knob on the left hand side of the display unit.  Below and behind the knob's shaft is a hole with an Allen screw head.  Insert the appropriate Allen Wrench to turn it 90 degrees.  This unlatches the left side and the display unit pops out.

Some earlier models do not have the volume control latch, so you will need to start with the cup holder assembly (removed with 2 screws) and remove components (possible the climate control unit) up along the center console until the tuner/tape deck can be accessed.

In either case, to remove the tuner/tape deck, look into the small holes near the sides beside the brass alignment pins and locate the Allen screws.  They will be a different size than the screw located, if applicable, behind the volume control knob.  Unscrew these on both sides with the appropriately sized Allen wrench.  After several turns on both sides, you will feel the unit pop out.  Ship the unit to Radioman for your repair!

To install, reverse the procedure.  Thanks to a customer from for suggesting this procedure be posted.


Mercedes Benz Stereo Radio

1992 and earlier models
The radio has clips located underneath towards the front on each side.  To access these clips, the ashtray assembly must be removed (and sometimes a upholstery panel needs to be removed as well if the radio is not laying directly on the ashtray assemble).  To remove the ashtray assembly, take out the tray as if you were emptying it then located the screws inside the assembly.  Unscrew the assembly from the car and remove.  The bottom of the radio will be exposed and you can depress the clips to lift up and remove the radio.

1993 and later models
The radio has a slot on each lower left and lower right corner of the front face.  Obtain the Mercedes tools (see images) from a radio shop or Mercedes Dealership and slide them into the slots.  Unlock the radio by gently moving the tools left and right; be sure you have the tools inserted properly and do not attempt to use a screwdriver or other flat instrument that might damage your radio.



Using Ford Removal Tools (see images; u-shaped tools by the name of Metra available at AutoZone, also known as DIN tools) inserted into the two holes on the left side and the two holes on the right side of the radio, release the internal lock and pull the radio forward.  Some may use welding rods or coat hangers but it is best to use the tools, which make the job very simple.  Disconnect the negative battery terminal to prevent a possible short circuit.


In general (no pun intended), the fascia surrounding the radio must be removed to expose the screws and clips securing the radio to the chassis. For some models, this may be a simple task and, for others, it is rather involved, as much as removing the entire dashboard casing.  Look for screws in addition to clips that hold the fascia in place. 


In general, fascia surrounding the radio must be removed to expose screws securing the radio to the chassis.  Depending on your model, the air vents and ashtray will need to be removed in order to expose screws in their cavities.

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